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January 23, 2012
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My TOP 10 favorite characters by Fluttershy626 My TOP 10 favorite characters by Fluttershy626
1. T.J. -Recess: Because he is the the nicest character I've ever seen. He is so honest, generous, kind, loyal, smart, fair and adorable! :3 I love how he always stands up for everyone -even sometimes for his enemies and I'm always touched by his wise speech... He is totally awesome and wonderful boy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

2. Sunset Shimmer -My little pony: Equestria girls: Rainbow Rocks: I never thought it will happen, I never loved someone who was evil, but... this character is something amazing... She not just changed, but she literally acts like she was never evil and trying so hard to be a good friend and is so nice to others. Plus I felt very sorry for her in the Rainbow Rocks movie, how everyone treated her and how basically alone she was (even though Mane 6 were her friends). I have a weakness for this kind of reformed villains. From all the sorrow and her effort to change to be a better person, which she is more than enough and became a good leader of Mane 5 in Equestria girls, she needs to be my second favorite MLP character from now.

3. Fluttershy -My little pony: Friendship is magic: So this is my favorite character (as on requested). Quiet, shy, scared, very sensitive, compassionate, she loves animals ... She is just like me! She is my animated soul mate! :D This is the main one reason why she is my favorite character from the MLP: FIM. I really appreciate characters like she is. She's a good example for people to be better. It hurts me that so many people hate her -not because of her as my favourite cartoon character, but because her personality is very valuable and I don't understand how can someone hate someone with so much kindness and compassion, which are the most beautiful properties that a person can have. Many characters from other shows are supposed to be kind and sweet, but no one doesn't express it in such a high, valuable and incredible level as Fluttershy does. And real world's missing these properties in many people, that's why her character is so valuable and rare.

4. Twilight Sparkle -My little pony: Friendship is magic: A wonderful character as in personality so in appearance. In the first episode she wasn't likeable to me at all (because of her unwillingness to make a friends), but her dedication and effort always something to learn and her willingness to help anyone forced me to love her. It also seems to me, that she cares for friendship a tiny bit more than her friends and anyone else. She really appreciates friendship and thanks to that fact she became my third favourite. She is very awesome pony.

5. Rainbow Dash -My little pony: Friendship is magic: She is amazing. Initially she wasn't too sympathic to me because of her (little) arrogance, but now I love her so much and look forward to every episode and scenes with her. I don't know how this change came, but suddenly I like her (because she is a Pegasus, has a beautiful colors and her moves in the air are amazing, moreover I have interest to weather, clouds and sky, so I love the idea that pegasi control it), but the main reason is, because she wears a beautiful element -element of loyalty and I love the "loyal characters ".

6. Applejack -My little pony: Friendship is magic: Although she is not some beauty (unlike to her friends), but her big sedulity, honesty ... Those are awesome properties and make her so nice. In the episode "AppleBuck Season" her stubborn unwillingness to allow friends to help her touched me, and since then I appreciate her.
Note: I love her rivalry with Rainbow Dash.

7. Jake Long -American dragon: Jake Long: Because he is too limited. He has almost no time for fun, not even the right (which is overly harsh and completely heartless), just because he is American dragon and must protect a magical world. He has a very "poor" and "cruel" life. Nevertheless no one has no compassion for him, he is always punished for everything, even if he is innocent, but when someone hurts him, he doesn't receive the punishment nor a lesson (for example Haley, Fred, Nigel, etc.) and he's not blamed, always is blamed only Jake. Grandfather tortures him on the dragon training, while Sun spoils Haley and that are supposedly "funny" scenes about that. What's so funny and fair? No matter how is Jake's behavior, after all he is still a child and such a cruel and responsible life he shouldn't live. ADJL is very unfair comedy. Jake (and his lovestory with Rose) is the only reason, why I like the show. Simply I love him because I feel very sorry for him and from the all the reasons, which are emphasized in the ADJL episode "Being human".

8. Experiment 626 -Stitch -Lilo and Stitch:
Stitch is my favorite character from L & S. The first reason is that he is soooo cute. Another reason is that I feel sorry for him, how he came on the world. He is a genetic experiment, which was created to destroy things. But I liked when he became good at such a sad and touching circumstances. Many times bothers me, when Lilo ignores him due to hula, or some experiment. And I don't like that no one doesn't protect him because he is indestructible. Stitch often something destroying, but never in bad intention and always knows how to be good and loyal friend. Therefore this is my favorite character.

9. Vince LaSalle -Recess: I completely love his strong friendship with TJ. :3 I mostly love the best friends of my favourite characters (which have the least conflicts with them) from some reason. He is so awesome and can be very sensitive at times (I'm just a bit sad that he doesn't show his sensitive side more often :<). Vince is such a good friend of TJ. :)

10. Jumba Jookiba -Lilo and Stitch: He is a creator of all genetic experiments, what more to say :D So impressive! And I love his "father-son relationship" with Stitch.

The last 4 places aren't in exact order, I just love these characters so much that I can't choose between them. :meow: I love more characters as well, but here I put only 10 which I think are the best for me. :)
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Astro-Wingz Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I so wish they would bring back Jake Long, but sadly Disney is far too lame to do that :/ same goes for Lilo and Stitch.
Fluttershy626 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I totally agree :( Itīs very sad... :ī(
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TheSamuraiArtist01 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
Some very awesome choices there!
Fluttershy626 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :3
KaotikJuju Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool choice! ;)
Fluttershy626 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :3
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