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My opinion to Friendship Games...

Sun Sep 27, 2015, 7:37 AM

IMPORTANT: If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read this journal. It contains huge spoilers.

I won't lie, I loved this movie. It's definitely better than the first one. But it simply CAN'T beat Rainbow Rocks to me.
Things I love about it:
+ I really love development of HuMane 5, well besides Fluttershy (I rather won't tell a reason why I dislike her in Equestria Girls since I would look stupid ^^;). But the other 4's behavior in this movie was great, especially to Sunny (this movie is the best in this consideration).
+ Motocross scene (because of Sunny, of course and I love how Dash saved her (I always hoped a scene like this will happen when I heard she will compete in motocross, the most dangerous event in the games. I simply wanted to see something bad happen to Sunset).
+ It touched me, when AJ helped human Twi with archery. This scene really made me shed a tear.
+  THE SCENE WITH DEMONIC TWILIGHT AND ANGEL? SUNSET WAS THE BEST SCENE EVER!!!! Great reverse to the first movie's scene and I adore it!!!! :la::heart: Looks a lot like Sunset was a "magic" for HuMane 5. <3
+ Sunset still feels guilty.
+ All interactions of Twilight and Spike.
+ Sunlight! A lot of interactions between Sunny and Twi. Even though I still prefer Twilight from Equestria.
+ Twilight and the other Twilight at the end, this was hilarious! Though it could take longer...
+ And of course, THE SONGS, ALL OF THEM.

And now to my dislikes:
- First of all, I guess Sunset will get a bad reputation now after how mean she was to human Twilight (as I've already noticed). So that's probably one of the movie's mistakes.
- Rainbow Rocks is the movie that made me love Equestria Girls (even more than FiM) and the most of all -it made me love Sunset Shimmer as my MOST favorite character. Because the whole movie was about her redemption and gave me a big sympathy for her. And of course, since Friendship Games was more focused to human Twilight, I can't force myself to love it more since I was never a fan of her (not that I dislike her, but I'll explain my reason). Now I imagine you'll think I'm an rabid obsessed fan of a cartoon character, but I don't care, I just need to get it out of me. I REALLY hate the fact that human Twilight permanently joined CHS and HuMane 6. This was my second biggest nightmare before the movie came out and which I hoped it won't happen, but it DID happen. My worst nightmare was a worry that Sunset will return to Equestria at the end permanently and I won't see her anymore because I know she can never be a part of Mane 6 in Equestria and I really want to see her in main roles (not as a background pony in Canterlot), which she couldn't get in the show. Luckily to me, this didn't happen and I'm relieved, so far. But now, when human Twilight is with them, it looks like she will get the most attention in all the next movies instead of Sunset, much for my unhappiness and disappointment. I was almost sure and excited that Sunset is now supposed to be Twilight in the human world and leader while Twilight is leader in Equestria what would make a perfect contrast and interest. I hoped Sunset is supposed to be the main protagonist for all EqG movies as if it was mostly her franchise, like FiM is Twilight's. But now Twilight ruined it. Not to mention, WILL pony Twilight visit the human world NOW, when her counterpart is there?? What about the portal now?
Ok, I won't make prejudices early since I don't know what will be next, but still, I could care less about human Twilight.

Phew, now I feel silly after what I told, but still, FG is much better than the first movie and definitely a decent one. It has pretty much wonderful and thrilling scenes (these I mentioned above), so I definitely can't dislike it. Only the mentioned ending is questionable.

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