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Fluttershy being Fluttershy by H2oOctane Fluttershy Cutie Mark by BlackGryph0n

fluttershy approved Pictures, Images and Photos

Fluttershy by BlackGryph0n Fluttershy Striding Vector by drakathownz Aviation Fluttershy by NicolasNSane Blushing Fluttershy by uxyd Crystal Fluttershy by Derpers-Gonna-DerpScared Fluttershy Vector by Kooner-cz Blushing Fluttershy - Vector by RegolithX Shy fluttershy by MewMartina Fluttershy Jump by jlryan Fluttershy gift vector. by MasterRottweiler

Royal Wedding: Fluttershy by JennieOo Friendship Express Fluttershy Vector by Oceanity Fluttershy: Um.., I love you! by TBCroco Fluttershy -We have to J...Joust? by CaNoN-lbFluttershy Sitting by KellieK94 Fluttershy drinking a milkshake. by DrPancakees Fluttershy Gasp by arcticjuniper
Vector Fluttershy by Kyss.S by KyssS90 Fluttershy by gamesadict

Fluttershy by AquaticNeon My eighth vector of Fluttershy. by Flutterflyraptor

Filly fluttershy vector by TheMightySqueegee Flying Fluttershy by Maishida

Frightened Fluttershy Vector by scrimpeh Fluttershy - Angel by Quanno3 Winter Wrap Up - Fluttershy by Kishmond Flutterhigh by teiptr

Friendly Fluttershy - Vector by RegolithX My fifth vector of Fluttershy. Remastered. by Flutterflyraptor
Fluttershy by inano2009 Fluttershy Milkshake by Doctor-G hug fluttershy by C-H-Loboguerrero-C Fluttershy Vector by scrimpeh

Um... Bambishy? by areyesram Fluttershy Design by F00ster Fluttershy's Stamp of Approval by tiwake

My name poem
Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
<a… target=new>Acrostic Name Poem by

Random Favourites

:iconrainbowheartplz: :iconrainbowheartplz:

Fluttershy Applauds Pictures, Images and Photos

[Sig] Tagwall | Fluttershy by Paradigm-Zero Stained Glass: Fluttershy -better- by Akili-Amethyst

Fluttershy sweet button by KennyKlent Fluttershy Cutie Mark by BlackGryph0n

Fluttershy's YAY Badge by ZuTheSkunk Fluttershy Shield by MLR19

Fluttershy: Hugs? by TomDanTheRock Fluttershy Licks Your Monitor! by TomDanTheRock


I'm glad you're okay.
Wed Jul 2, 2014, 8:36 AM
How are ya?
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 1:27 PM
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 1:26 PM
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 1:26 PM
Just some stuff.
Tue May 27, 2014, 3:24 AM
Doing some stuff in the lab...
Tue May 13, 2014, 11:01 AM
Oh okay. I eat at night at any time when I get hungry...
Mon May 12, 2014, 2:02 PM
:meow:Hehe. Then eat something from the fridge.
Mon May 12, 2014, 1:42 PM
:meow:I ate corn, ice cream and whatelse I took from the fridge, lol.
Mon May 12, 2014, 12:55 PM
Mon May 12, 2014, 11:10 AM


Fluttershy626 has started a donation pool!
620 / 2,396
If I'll collect enough points for buying/extending one year PM, all next points I'll donate to all artists I admire and I'll giving even PM. But I need to save up as many points as possible to do so. All points will appreciated -A LOT! :iconflutterhugplz:

I draw only point commissions, because I received too much free requests and this already started to be a burden for me, because I worked hard on them (although they don't look so good, but I'm trying) and I haven't time not just for requests, but also for my own pictures, if requests are too many and I always make all free and I can't find time for my own drawings. And also I need points to get PM and then I would like to start donate to other people. I'm sorry, but it was really a lot to me.

One character (with classic background): +10 :points:
One character (with white or colored background): +8 :points:
One character (with transparent background): +7 :points:

Two characters (with classic background): +15 :points:
Two characters (with white or colored background) +13 :points:
Two characters (with transparent background): +12 :points:

Three characters (with classic background): +20 :points:
Three characters (with white or colored background): +18 :points:
Three characters (with transparent background): +17 :points:

Four characters (with classic background): +25 :points:
Four characters (with white or colored background): +23 :points:
Four characters (with transparent background): +22 :points:

Five characters (with classic background): +30 :points:
Five characters (with white or colored background): +28 :points:
Five characters (with transparent background): +27 :points:

Six characters (with classic background): +35 :points:
Six characters (with white or colored background): +33 :points:
Six characters (with transparent background): +32 :points:

At least until I collect enough points for giving (after I'll buy own 1 year PM for these points I save up now).

MLP-icon: Fluttershy 2 by cinyu MLP-icon: Fluttershy 1 by cinyu MLP icon - Fluttershy by Umberon9 Fluttershy: At the Gala! by kupori
Fluttershy stare by StarStepPony Pixel Fluttershy by TylerLegrand MLP:Friendship is Magic Fluttershy Pixelated by strawbellycake Super Shy by VanillaBeanBurst Fluttershy's Cutie Mark Avatar by Mel-Rosey 1 Point Fluttershy by telimbo Fluttershy - BADGE by zobe  Fluttershy by mnrART Fluttershy Can't Wait! by TomDanTheRock

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    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Jul 8, 2014, 1:05:13 PM
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    Donated Jun 9, 2014, 1:39:13 AM
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    Donated Jun 7, 2014, 1:34:26 PM
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    Donated Jun 7, 2014, 12:39:30 PM
  • :iconmezame9:
    Donated Jun 7, 2014, 7:46:08 AM
  • :icondestinydecade:
    Donated Jun 6, 2014, 3:06:08 PM
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    Donated May 27, 2014, 6:55:30 AM
  • :iconminisweetghostgirl:
    Donated May 22, 2014, 12:37:20 AM


Jul 23, 2014
4:50 am
Jul 23, 2014
4:22 am
Jul 22, 2014
11:13 pm
Jul 22, 2014
7:25 pm
Jul 22, 2014
6:36 pm

MLP buttons -Characters and couples I like

MLP Buttons

Buttons of my fave things

My Fav Things

My MLP couples popularity (Mane six)

I don't ship them as lesbians, only as friends. These all are just friendly couples. Because their relations between each other of Mane six really interested me, since not all of them have a good relation or some of them are very close to each other. Here is my list of couples and I wrote next to each of them my relation and interest. It's in order.

Twilight couples:

:icontwilightblushplz: x :iconapplejackblush: (I love this couple)
:icontwilightblushplz: x :iconfluttershyblushplz: (I love this couple)
:icontwilightblushplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz: (I love this couple)
:icontwilightblushplz: x :iconpinkieishappyplz: (I'm neutral to this couple)
:icontwilightblushplz: x :iconraritysmilingplz: (I'm neutral, I don't care for this couple)

Applejack couples:
:iconapplejackblush: x :iconrainbowdashawplz: (My TOP fave couple)
:iconapplejackblush: x :iconraritysmilingplz: (I love that couple)
:iconapplejackblush: x :iconfluttershyblushplz: (I love that couple)
:iconapplejackblush: x :icontwilightblushplz: (I love that couple)
:iconapplejackblush: x :iconpinkieishappyplz: (I don't care for this couple)

Fluttershy couples:
:iconfluttershyblushplz: x :iconapplejackblush: (I love that couple)
:iconfluttershyblushplz: x :icontwilightblushplz: (I love that couple)
:iconfluttershyblushplz: x :iconpinkieishappyplz: (I love that couple)
:iconfluttershyblushplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz: (I love that couple)
:iconfluttershyblushplz: x :iconraritysmilingplz: (I'm neutral to that couple)

Rainbow Dash couples:
:iconrainbowdashawplz: x :iconapplejackblush:
:iconrainbowdashawplz: x :iconpinkieishappyplz: (I love that couple)
:iconrainbowdashawplz: x :iconfluttershyblushplz:
:iconrainbowdashawplz: x :icontwilightblushplz:
:iconrainbowdashawplz: x :iconraritysmilingplz: (I was neutral to this couple but I'm starting to care for them)

Pinkie Pie couples:
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz:
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: x :iconfluttershyblushplz:
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: x :iconraritysmilingplz: (I love that couple)
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: x :icontwilightblushplz:
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: x :iconapplejackblush:

Rarity couples:
:iconraritysmilingplz: x :iconapplejackblush:
:iconraritysmilingplz: x :iconpinkieishappyplz:
:iconraritysmilingplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz:
:iconraritysmilingplz: x :iconfluttershyblushplz:
:iconraritysmilingplz: x :icontwilightblushplz:

Limits of commissions and art trades

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2014, 9:37 AM
Since I'm pretty busy and I'm receiving many commissions and art trades and because I'm slow at drawing and one picture takes me a half of day to draw, I need to have some limits. Moreover I have no time for drawing for myself. When I'll finish the commissions and art trades that I already owe, I'll start the new rule:

I'll accept total 3 Commissions/ or Art trades per week.

I'll always write 3 accepted commissions / or art trades here in this journal, so please, check it out regularly, if you want to ask me for a pic.
So far, please, don't ask me for pictures until I'll finish the old ones and I'll start the new rule.

Still applies that you'll send me your requests here:…
                                                                                                        Thank you for understanding.

Journal History

How much you like MLP episode "Winter wrap up"? 

11 deviants said It's a great episode (one of best) :iconfluttershyperfectplz:
11 deviants said It's pretty good episode :iconfluttershyplz:
4 deviants said It's my fav MLP episode ever! :iconfluttershyyesplz:
3 deviants said It's average episode :iconflutterthinkplz:
1 deviant said I hate this episode! (one of worst) :iconflutterguyplz:
No deviants said Meh, much of anything :iconfluttershyeyerollplz:
No deviants said Other opinion (only to this episode!)


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Me and my friend MiniSweetGhostGirl has a buddy icons! :meow: :iconfluttershy626::iconminisweetghostgirl::heart:

This is another wonderful ID pic from one of my besties :icontwilightsparkless:DeviantID for avril626/fluttershy! by Twilightsparkless :heart:

This is not a roleplay account. I'm just like Fluttershy in my personality and that's why I represent myself as her here.

I'm verified as the REAL Fluttershy by :iconoffical-mlp: :iconverificationheaven: :iconmlp-verify: + :iconlionsgateprotected: and :iconverified-mlp: :)

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Me: :iconfluttershy626: = :iconfluttershyblushplz: + :iconmlpfluttershyfim: + :iconfluttershypony4444: and :iconmissfluttershyshy:

My best 5 pony friends:
:icontwilightclapplz: = :icontwilightsparkless: + :iconxprincesstwilightx:
:iconrarityplz: = :iconchipettes33: + :iconbeautifulrarity: :iconunicornrarity:
:iconrainbowdashplz: = :iconxxrainbowdash-mlp: :iconcool-rainbow-dash: :iconrainbowdash-fim:
:iconapple-jackplz: = :iconapplejackcowgirl:
:iconpinkiepieplz: = :iconmisspinkiepie: + :iconask-pinkiepie-pony:
Pinkamena :icondepressedpinkieplz: = :iconpinkamena--d--pie:

:iconapplebloomspinplz: = :iconlittleapplebloom: :iconjeeny-smith-pony:
:iconscootalooplz: = :iconhayleerainbow:
:iconsweetiebelleplz: = :iconzecora-zebra: + :iconreal-sweetie-belle:
:iconbabsseedhappyplz: = :iconbabs-seed:

:iconprincesscelestiaplz: = :iconxprincess-celestiax:
:iconprincesslunaplz: = :iconprincess-luna99:
:iconcadanceplz: = :iconmiamorecadence:

Other ponies and non-ponies
:iconspikethinkingplz: = :iconstitchfan08steven: + :iconspike--the-dragon:
:iconsoarinplz: = :iconwb-soarin:
:iconvinylscratchplz: = :iconxvinyl-scratch:
:icondiscord-plz: = :iconcracks-of-reality:

My favorite characters ever: T.J. (Recess), Vince LaSalle (Recess), Jake Long (American dragon), Rose/huntsgirl (American dragon), Stitch (Lilo & Stitch), Jumba (Lilo & Stitch), Fluttershy (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Rainbow Dash (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Pinkie Pie (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Applejack (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Twilight Sparkle (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Rarity (My little pony: Friendship is magic), Danny Phantom/Fenton (Danny Phantom), Papyrus (The Adventures of Papyrus)

My favorite couples: Jake Long X Rose/Huntsgirl (as love couple), Stitch X Lilo (as friend couple), Stitch X Angel (as love couple), Stitch X Jumba (as father-son couple), TJ X Gretchen (as friend even love couple), TJ X Vince (as friend couple), Vince X Mikey (as friend couple), GretchenXVince (as friend even love couple), TJ X Spinelli (as friend even love couple, but only in a case they would be a couple in another season/movie of Recess), Papyrus X Théti (as love couple)... they are my most favorite.

Shows, which I hate: Stitch! anime, The Simpsons and parodies and shows/movies (especially animated ones) with vulgarisms or excessive violence for cartoon. And anime (except Pokemon).

Fluttershy Vector Pictures, Images and Photos

hug Pictures, Images and Photos

flutterflutter Pictures, Images and Photos

Fluttershy walk Pictures, Images and Photos

Fluttershy cute look Pictures, Images and Photos

fluttershy Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight [-peach01-] & Fluttershy [mimietata99]
twilight pictures

Cuz Monica u and me, we're like sisters... only closer
u and me pictures

Fluttershy Pictures, Images and Photos

fluttershy Pictures, Images and Photos

fluttershy loves her friends by jjaazzyy
shugo chara yaya and her friends pictures

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My Art Status

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My Friends
I love everyone in my friendlist, you all are awesome!!
But my closest friends are especially these ones:
:icondartpaw86: :icontwilightsparkless: :iconminisweetghostgirl: :iconpantherafelidae: :iconspyrozthebest: :iconshadow17110: :icontunder2510: :icontylerthdragon: :iconstitchfan08steven: and :iconendaria: / :iconcool-rainbow-dash: (same person)

And these are other great friends:
:iconchipettes33: :iconlonelynightrain: :icongoldenamanda: :iconstitchthebest36: :iconfairybubblepuppy: :iconkaotikjuju: :iconcommanderhavoc: :iconbateye: :iconfirelightyear: :iconjinrohdev: :iconroddie-krys94: :iconburningheart100: and :iconwhompywhomperson:

Well, there are many, because I love them so much! It's not in exact order, I haven't ladder of my friends. But I love all of you and thank you for being my friends! Fluttershy loves you by GAlekz:iconrainbowheartplz:

Fluttershy Stamps


Fluttershy is Best Pony by Madame-Fluttershy MLP: Fluttershy stamp by Janbearpig Fluttershy Stamp by jewlecho Fluttershy Filly Stamp by jewlecho MLP Fluttershy Stamp by Kevfin MLP: Fluttershy stamp by ColorSplashArts Fluttershy Fatality Stamp by Kevfin FlutterShy Stamp by LegendaryDitto Fluttershy by Miss-Dicess Fluttershy yay Stamp by JRDN762 Fluttershy 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Private Pansy Stamp by jewlecho Mane 6: Fluttershy Stamp by the-ocean-sings YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by X2010 FlutterShy Stamp by DashiesPet Fluttershy Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan Fluttershy Angry Stamp by itsdanielle91 Fluttershy fly fly fly Stamp by itsdanielle91 Fluttershy Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Fluttershy - stamp by V1KA Fluttershy - stamp by V1KA Fluttershy Stamp by harvestcheddar Fluttershy Stamp by DarkAngel499 Sad Fluttershy - stamp by V1KA Fluttershy Stamp 1 by Yessilneth Twishy Stamp by migueruchan Pinkieshy stamp by tofuudog RariShy stamp. by xMayii AppleShy stamp. by xMayii .:request:. FlutterDash Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Equestria Girls Fluttershy Stamp by NatouMJSonic MLP EQ Fluttershy Transformation Stamp by Jailboticus Fluttershy - EG Stamp by migueruchan

Stamps -About me

About Me

Stamps are addicting by XxOrangeswirlxXMS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed Photoshop Stamp by LeMarquis DeviantART Love Stamp by stamp-album Self Taught by GoatSocks I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton Cartoons over Anime by DatumShark Anime Stamp by TaintedAzaelia Got it? by TehMaster001 Proud Without FaceBook Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Sensitive by AL-CHROME .: Read the comments :. 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Anime Stamp by BloodOnTheVeil Lilo and Stitch Stamp by Craziier Lilo and Stitch by HBP12 Disney's Recess by Bombii-Z I :heart: Jake stamp by MarioRoz ADJL - Jake+Rose Stamp by neopuff My Little Pony FiM Virus Stamp by Toxic-Mario KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW by endler No Matter Their Age or Gender by endler There's nothing bad about liking a show by ShinyWhiteWaters NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE VAMPIRES by endler ~ Equestria Girls Stamp ~ by cute-kawaii-pixels MLP EQ Fan Stamp v2 by Jailboticus MLP EQ Fan Stamp by Jailboticus EQG: Cafeteria Song 1 Stamp by harvestcheddar Ponify stamp by LacedHarlot For the haters by Romantic-Dreamer Rainbow Factory Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 I like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasion Why Choose over Favourites by endler Pro-Fluttershy Stamp by BelinhaMS I support Twilicorn - Stamp by Ponytail-Dash AppleJack Needs More Love Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Applejack is Underated by SoraJayhawk77 Support Princess Celestia Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 She's needs one by SoraJayhawk77 Rarity needs more love - Stamp by crazycatniplady I prefer normal Pinkamena stamp by ShinyWhiteWaters Reformed Discord Support Stamp by Rosethethief

My real personality



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